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We are your gateway to digital assets.

Trezora offers transparent and secure ways to validate transactions in the most prominent protocols of the crypto market, with a controlled and fully liquid market exposure.

Decentralized Finance

Our main products

Blockchain technology has the potential to reach all digital industries, generating an economic impact comparable to the invention of the PC or the Internet.

Corporate Finance

We provide our clients with a highly specialized infrastructure to generate passive income with Proof of Stake (PoS) protocols and offer public Endpoints to decentralized applications (dApps) that require transaction validation.

Titanium Account

It is the ideal financial instrument for medium and large capitals, treasury management for companies, institutions and individuals who wish to enjoy the benefits of a system that generates automatic passive income with very low risk and without price speculation.

Blockchain Development

In addition to solutions for internal use (trading Bot, API's, Dashboards), we also have customized developments for customers who need to venture into blockchain technology, integrating solutions such as tokenization and encrypted identity.

Decentralized Finance

Our Strategy

We provide infrastructure for validating transactions on the blockchain, which generates revenue thanks to the consensus mechanism used by the network. In a blockchain network, our nodes validate transactions and receive a reward for their work in the form of cryptographic tokens, which are immediately converted into stable currencies.

Transaction Validation

Classic Staking, rewards are obtained in the native tokens of the protocol, as payment for being infrastructure providers for the validation of transactions. Improving the security and speed of the blockchain networks where we participate.

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Liquid Staking

Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSD) protocols allow us to obtain passive income in protocols previously audited by our experts, obtaining returns without losing the flexibility to use the tokens in other pools.

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Yield Farming

We provide liquidity directly in decentralized protocols, creating LP'S that fit our strategy, while our system takes care of mitigating the effects of impermanent loss, in order to be as profitable as possible.

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Applications Ecosystem

We developed an online system, where our clients can verify in real time the status of their account, monitor their investment history, make transactions and check the fund's performance in an easy, secure and transparent way. For your security, the application features FaceID and Two-factor Authentication.

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The application allows me to monitor my portfolio in real time, I instantly know the status of my assets..”

Trezora Client
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Trezora Pay™

In alliance with VISA we were able to integrate a payment processor that allows our clients to designate a fixed amount for expenses, or simply use the profits from their accounts through an international debit card associated to their account, without worrying about exchange rates, delays or hidden fees.

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Successful Track Record

Market proven Strategies

Since 2021 we have been successfully operating in the crypto markets using our combination of automated strategies with the extensive knowledge of our specialists.

800+Validator Nodes operational in the main blockchain networks

25.000+Transactions executed using our VISA Cards

98%Satisfied Customers with our asset management strategies

12+Internal software products tailored to our clients' needs

Our Core Features

At Trezora we use a combination of technology and know-how from our specialists in different areas to offer a product that meets the highest standards of security and transparency.

Audited Protocols

We only invest in protocols that meet the parameters of utility, safety and liquidity.

Diversified Strategies

We do not limit ourselves to investing in a single protocol; we diversify our assets to mitigate risk.

No Leverage

We only trade with our own capital, limiting the risk of market volatility.

Smart Contracts Insurance

Our smart contracts and funds are secured against any type of attack.

Liquid Protocols

Protocols must pass stress tests and liquidity drains to be eligible.

No locked funds

Our clients can dispose of their digital assets at any time, with no hidden clauses.

Daily Reports

The system generates a detailed daily report of your portfolio, which you can export for your records.

Global Presence

With offices in 6 countries and more than 50 employees, our customers have options to visit us.

Blockchain Technology

We use all the power of the Blockchain for the benefit of our clients. Tools of the highest technological level for the management of digital assets in a Simple, Secure and Transparent way.

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